Seventh Ward Photography

Baby Steps

Use it - if you dare!

There it sits. Under that case is a Canon PowerShot G10.

My husband bought it from Best Buy in October 2008. We still have the receipt!

Doesn’t it look small? Innocent? Non-threatening?

I’d say so.

But I also have to admit this: I’ve used it three times in three years.

Then I got into photography in a big way.

I’d use it, but all that’s missing is the charger for the camera.

Have I torn up the house looking for it?


But do I want to start using this camera and really learn how to take a picture?


I just have to take the first step and pick up a camera that doesn’t have several other functions attached.

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One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. ahstorya on said:

    Dude I have a powershot, it rocks.

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