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Eight Arms to Hold You: A Tribute to IKEA

A trip to IKEA demands a lot of the participant. Research must be done. Empty spaces need to be measured. You can’t just waltz in there thinking you’ll buy some furniture. You need to know what you want, what’s in stock and your Swedish nouns. It’s an experience … not a way to fill some free hours.

If you are an IKEA novice, I’d like to direct you to an old essay of mine called “How to Visit IKEA“. However, I’ll have you know that I’ve visited IKEA about a dozen times in the past few years, and it’s still a shock to the system every time.

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6 thoughts on “Eight Arms to Hold You: A Tribute to IKEA

  1. siouxzee on said:

    Tori, I still cherish my memories of your “How to visit IKEA” gem. Each IKEA needs not only its own zip code, but its own identity as a mini-state.

  2. Oh I totally agree!! Ikea is a marathon!

    • seventhwardphotography on said:

      And at least with a marathon you get a medal at the end. Not so much with IKEA. My husband and I leave there with nothing more often than not.

  3. Tell me about it… I should get an IKEA VIP card!

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